Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Will you get these fun cocktail napkins for your Valentine’s Driveway Soirée?

Pack in the kids’ lunches?

Add to a porch cookie drop?

Spice up VDay dinner?

However you choose to use these, they’ll be a hit!

Select the option to personalize the hearts (see product gallery for example) for a fun update!
If not chosen, the napkins will come with “SIX FEET,” “MISS YOU,” “MASK UP,” AND “FEB 14” as show.

25 Beverage Napkins
Napkin Color: Red
Imprint Color: White
Size: 5″ x 5″
Made & Printed in the USA

Upon approval, orders generally ship/are ready for porch-pick up within 10 business days.

Thank you for shopping small! Stay safe.

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